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Welcome to this site which curates and archives videos from the World Crypto Network.

Together with our friends on this channel, our aim is to broaden the open understanding of cryptography, and privacy to as large an audience as possible.

Here are some tasks that i am currently working on: - [ ] MadBitcoins and Dogecoins - [ ] Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party!

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Drag a page url from Youtube onto the transporter:

POST https://livecode.world/youtube

Drop a url to list all the videos for a channel, user, or playlist:

POST https://livecode.world/youtube/recentFirst

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POST https://livecode.world/mediawiki

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POST http://fed.wiki.org:4010/image

This Transporter allows you to import videos from Youtube, complete with all their metadata. It also allows you to import playlists, channels, and all uploads from a user..

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The Bitcoin Academy is a place to learn about bitcoin.

This site is a community site for individuals interested in sharing, teaching and educating the wider community about Cryptography, Blockchains and Public Key Infrastructure.

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The World Crypto Network, a YouTube channel that covers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin - youtube